Supply paper case compression test machine
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Supply paper case compression test machine - machine of experiment of paper box compression all is in Alibaba

Deliver goods period: Deliver goods inside 10 days
Seat: Chinese Guangdong Dongguan
Period of efficacy comes: On December 15, 2008

Detailed information: This machine uses response of high accuracy Load Cell, via CPU solution separate out fights force numerical value and show Wu Ying act to go up directly. For the container that paper box or other data make, examine the equipment with compression the directest intensity. Detailed standards capacity 2 tons, 5 tons optional number of LED of means of directive of unit Kg/N switch shows decompose degree of 1/10000 precision ±1% to less than compresses dimensional 1200*1200*1000mm or appoint a horizontal stroke to carry 1HP of motor of motor 1/2HP oil pressure to reduce rate standard of commonly used 10mm/min) of 0 ~ 80mm/min(deploys GT-U11 to choose to deploy GT-U12&GT-U11&Power source of 227kg of box of control of 700kg of lead plane of weight of 105*69*130cm of box of control of 153*121*215cm of GT-U21 volume leader 3 ∮ , AC220V/380V/415V