Paper box is mechanical - corrugated fibreboard machine - corrugated fibreboard
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Define: This grease is to be afore-mentioned blemish such as roller of rows of tiles on a roof, pressure roller technically to measure a body to have something made to order, be in Taiwan auspicious art, the application of high speed machine such as tile of 3 water chestnut, Aesop is successful, the effect is distinct, be in especially suffer conduction oil to heat (260 degrees of above) the welcome of product line client, in counting box of paper of a hunderd schools to pack an enterprise wide application, received favorable opinion.

Machine of rows of tiles on a roof is special high temperature grease

Drop drop is in 280 degrees of above, solved stream drip, carbon of hair doing, generation accumulating is held in the arms dead wait for a circumstance.

In order to import base oil, if new-style solid lubricant is mixed a variety of assisting additive.

The 5-20 that oil change cycle is grease of average high temperature more times.

The coefficient of friction in using a process is small, reduce machine is lukewarm, having the lubricant property of excellent stability.

The bearing of machine of rows of tiles on a roof that heats in vapour, oil is used go up to be able to replace entrance grease completely to taste