;; of machine of burst pressure test comes off; of compression test machine pack
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Deliver goods period: Deliver goods inside 10 days
Seat: Chinese Guangdong Dongguan
Period of efficacy comes: On December 15, 2008

Detailed information: LQ-100 applies to the package such as box of corrugated box, beehive board to have compression, deformation, stacking test. Circuit of word of microcomputer control, total number, major is measured control software.

Characteristic: 1 test space: Check wide 100cm, yoke plate walks the space makes an appointment with displacement of 100cm whole journey: Encoder 1000P/R, precision =0.005mm shows pattern: LED shows or computer lead plane apparatus of security of professional test software: 1, overload, critical stop gear 2, device of fluctuation journey demarcate 3, the experiment finishs automatic stop gear

Parameter of relevant technology standards: Machine stage is concessional and highest loading: 5000 ㎏; Loading yuan: 2000 ㎏, 5000 ㎏; Dynamical system: DC motor; Inductive means: High accuracy loading yuan; Control a system: Calm fast 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100mm/min; Do not have paragraph of timing: 10 to 100mm/min; Test area: 100*100*100cm; Volume: 186*100*203cm; Weight: 480 ㎏