Supply colour box carton to pack box gift box to pack box of ceremony of box pap
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Deliver goods period: Deliver goods inside 10 days
Seat: Chinese Shanghai Shanghai
Period of efficacy comes: On March 15, 2009

Detailed information:

Shanghai Chun Chaoyin Wu limited company is the design before collect imprints is made, presswork, the treatment after imprinting is an organic whole, those who be engaged in all sorts of print Wu is professional enterprise, own world top-ranking facility, technical force is abundant, management is scientific, the service is high-class. Have the world at present the most advanced Haidebao runs from opposite directions 5 kinds of 4 color, machine, paper cutting machine, automatic model is cut machine, bronzing machine, full automatic burnt box machine, automatic rows of tiles on a roof is right system of back up machine, answer film machine, glazing machine, UV machine, strong edition offer high quality for broad client, specialization, quick presswork in the round solution.
Old since, we and old friend people meet with sincere, spend harships in all, the interest is shared, built true friendship, also won a business the advantage position in the market. We also hope to get the self-identity of new friends and support, enter in all hand in hand together, develop jointly.
Seek credit with sincere letter, seek progress with credit, incoming telegram of personage of greeting all circles seeks advice, we with excellent service, create more capacious vacuum for you.
Carry on presswork: Greeting card of invitation of not mark of box of the box of company an album of paintings, of all kinds product that pack, portable bag, ceremony, manual, cloth, dry glue, jotter, calendar, desk calendar, corporation is special manufacturing task sheet, decorate odd, memo to wait presswork kind of things.

Strategy of the design that pack locates the accurate, product that accords with consumer psychology packs a design, let consumer understand a product inside the shortest time to ability, generation desire to buy. Can help an enterprise show itself in numerous competition brand. Service territory includes: The design of the food design that pack, medicines and chemical reagents that pack, health care tastes the design that pack, cosmetic to pack design, gift package design, electron product to pack design, tea, software packs design, commodity to pack design, toy to pack a design to wait.

With fluent line, harmonious picture, match with us the beautiful character of outstanding plan division, combination is full of originality into, have the readable, elegant an album of paintings that can enjoy a sex again. All-around stereo the scene that shows a company, concept, publicize image of product, brand. At the same time we also carry on the design of high level cover of all sorts of magazines.

In the process of design of an album of paintings, originality, the thematic feature with our meeting different content, different basis, undertake advantage conformity, make overall plans, make an album of paintings begs innovation in integral harmony.
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