The compressive strength of corrugated box and design method (watch)
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Paper box packs element to be decided really

Making commodity wrapping paper when box is designed, stylist encounters these a few problems above all:

Does 1. hold merchandise measure and simple case weight inside box of a paper after all how many advisable? How will decide?

2. decides according to what the interior of paper box product ranges way, how to choose best permutation to combine?

Whether does the casing that 3. place designs grow broad expensive measure to be helpful for enhancing paper box intensity and economic raw material?

The amount that the product holds inside paper box, weight, arrange, dimension of paper box inside and outside, and the element such as norms of corrugated fibreboard material, these are principal consideration content, the production that because they are final,decided wrapping paper case, accommodate, store carry, use efficiency, economy and overall function.

Simple case weight

According to conventions of international trade, it is advisable that the simple case weight that carries the corrugated box that pack as consumable does not exceed 20kg commonly, the biggest 25kg. The operation that basically considers bearer or counterjumper is convenient, bring about the element such as human body injury not easily. Level of our country state is odd to what carry artificially regulation of the greatest weight is a box that pack 18kg. Accordingly, the sheet of the corrugated box goods that consumes commodity commonly weight limit should be belonged to for 20kg more reasonable.

Of course, large and medium-sized the amortize of industrial product carries wrapping paper case not this restricts merit.

By inside the amount that holds a product is multiplied with weight of unit of product calculable get packing goods suttle, weight of goods of whole paper box (gross weight) include material of paper box itself and the weight of the material that lie between line even of course (tare) .

Those who need a specification is, it is advisable to not be more than 20kg by weight of box of order for goods of rule of trade usual practice. But the simple case weight that is like design paper box is too little unwise also, the product number that contains because of little paper box place is little, material is used relative to bad news rate is high, experience as similar as big case production procedure again, the production of casket, use, the overall efficiency that package is inferior to big case. So, as long as likely, should be close to 20kg as far as possible had better, in order to develop the biggest function.

The amount of content content

The amount that the product holds inside paper box is main by paper box the biggest allow weight to divide the unit weight with the product to calculate affirmatory.

Because want attend to interior the length of the product, wide, 3 tall directional permutation (the comprehensive measure that it decided paper case) , so, can choose at will or contents amount also does not determine. A few different amount plan can consider commonly when the design, next basis already accord with weight limit, the principle that is helpful for arranging means to be able to be adjusted neatly again will decide.
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