Technical communication: Tell you how box of paper of choose and buy packs base
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In recent years, as a variety of camp disappear, the implementation of internationalization big market, between the industry, day of beneficial aggravate that competes between the person of the same trade and standardization, each enterprise is on the battlefield that does not have smoke of gunpowder, in succession exert killer mace -- lower the price, come market of race to control. This makes the enterprise experiences more and more home to reduce cost, to increasing the value of company competition ability. At the same time we can discover, whether to get no matter of the market depreciate pressure, all without exception of before the world 500 strong companies reduces the cost that has sex of the look up before initiative is mixed the job, the Chongzhongzhi that runs daily as the enterprise is heavy -- they are very clear, what the operation result before depreciating brings is immediate profit, the operation result after depreciating is immediate the market competition ability of translate into enterprise.

The cost of industrial business basically is in of raw material purchase, the 70 % of purchases cost to hold product cost 50 ~ of raw material, this is meant purchase link division to make an appointment with 1 % , company profit will add 10 % of 5 ~ -- this is the enlarge effect that cost of material reduces. It is OK that the science that purchases an activity turns management substantially reduce purchase cost, elevate a product the competitive status in the market. Because of this promotion procurement control level is mixed purchase the position that is in a company, had become with weapon of competitor opposed secret. Purchase specialization management also makes one of company core ability.

Base paper is the main raw material of the paper box business that pack, also be the main that purchases paper box cost, the method that so paper box factory purchases a respect in base paper and skill are proper, it is the key that affects beneficial result of paper box factory directly.

Saying " do not buy give benefit not to sell give advantage " , this word applies to commerce directly, cultured is price difference of pass in and out, want to be able to buy: This applies to the management enterprise of type of production as much, if produce the material that the enterprise buys to pledge second price is high, cost of down to production is exorbitant, the enterprise does not have benefit likewise. Especially paper box industry, 80 % of 70 ~ are in the cost of paper box base paper. Impetus of development of industry of current paper box is unusually swift and violent, market competition is unusually intense, price war everywhere is visible. Analyse a report according to concerning a material, at present production of domestic paper box already appeared superfluous. It is area of Pearl River delta has developed 3 years ago fast, competition is unusually intense: Nearly two years Jiangsu, Zhejiang is taken, price war already was achieved turn white-hot, only area of Jiangsu province Changzhou had many 30 product line about 2002, many 30 increased again inside a year 2003. Even if development of Changzhou region light industry is more powerful and prosperous, but pass the talk with operator of paper box plant, all without exception is service advantage far before be inferior to and complain of suffering. Because of mutual contest price, gain is very meager, chipboard production and hind paragraph working procedure is machined already fractionize is two industries. Have area of and other places of hill of Suzhou, elder brother, Shanghai additionally stage endowment, joint ventures develops simultaneously. How to reduce cost to already became the first class major issue of paper box industry, so as raw material purchase appear important increasingly. So, how does ability compete in this kind purchase base paper of the factory that pack in intense process this place has been done, talk about this problem at minute o'clock here.
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