Box of Kunlun group paper packs a technology to obtain a country to invent paten
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A few days ago, branch of the Kunlun group products that pack " new-style CP adhesive and research of technology of form a complete set " the project obtains a country to invent patent, this technology will pack gram of raw material paper to be reduced again 4.32% , the utilization rate of raw material rose 3% , n is as high as 100% , realized low gram to be quantified heavy, high strenth, gently, the paper box production of low cost.

Corrugated box is applied extensively at the outer packing of commodity with its characteristic and environmental protection advantage, in the protective effect with save and rose the carriage of commodity, main in the sale. In use process, requirement paper box must achieve certain firmness and durable sex. Current, intense market competition makes each paper box produces an enterprise to go up to undertake ceaselessly improvement in manufacturing technology and management in order to score the biggest gain, this makes paper box user was encountered in the process of use paper box more or less quality problem, if paper box piles code hind to break down,collapse, burst, caused a lot of needless losses. Appear to avoid such circumstance, production gives eligible paper box product, must undertake detecting to corrugated box, make the manufacturing process of corrugated box gets be controllinged effectively.

This technology is given priority to with new-style adhesive namely deserve to manufacture technology with what optimize, solved the paper case that dropping gram of raw material paper to serious case falls and be caused to combat the difficult problem of technology of domestic corrugated box that controls a value to reach double box only material to produce not quite. The paper case that uses this technology production to go out raises product line rate 20% to 30% ; In identical fight pressure can decrease below the condition fall paper gram is heavy 15% to 20% , increased chipboard strength; Avoid chipboard to produce the situation such as medium empty beat, come unglued, n is as high as 100% . Because bridge of the agent be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, raised chipboard to resist air moisture erodes ability. In water of normal temperature of immerge of experiment proof chipboard 48 open glue artificially to 72 hours, suit to be put for a long time more lay aside, cold storage, marine the carriage that waits for extreme environment to fall. This technology packs product line of goods branch chipboard to go up to had applied in Kunlun group, gain remarkable economic benefits and social benefit.
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