How to raise the precision of craft of the round mould pressing that press a cir
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In recent years, although have greater progress,domestic paper box is packed, but from the point of whole, the treatment after imprinting still is the weak point in production of box of our country paper at present, no matter be on technology, equipment, material or management, having bigger difference with foreign enterprise. Cognizant of more and more company of paper box production are in to the treatment after imprinting the importance in paper box production, undertake upgrading to equipment and technology ceaselessly. Want to develop the technology after imprinting, presswork to cut the key that treatment is a breakthrough with the model.

This " heat focusing " column should the requirement of wide readership again with " hind path processing technique " give priority to a problem, from paper opening slot box shapes the key of the error, order model of box of the box and the application of technology sticking box, precision that how raises a circle to press round model to cut craft, paper to cut impress issue analytic the development trend one by one of craft of treatment of the path after arriving is broad paper.

Corrugated box is to use most extensive paper at present container, have protection because of loading goods internally strong, weight performance of light, structure is good, transport costs is low, use convenient, reclaim easily wait for an advantage to already was become carry the main force that pack; And corrugated box printability is good, design is elegant, the appearance is changeful, can have better sales promotion function. Rise ceaselessly as what world each country packs a requirement to green environmental protection, the design development of all sorts of new-style corrugated box and corrugated fibreboard structural member and the union of all sorts of new material, new technology and corrugated fibreboard are used, enlarged the scope of application of product of rows of tiles on a roof greatly.

The corrugated box structure that uses at present is changeful, its plane spreads out a structure to basically cut tangent and impress line composition into parts by outline, the model is cut and impress is its main craft characteristic. Mix to the abnormity outline with a few linear blame especially functional sex structure, use mould pressing craft to just facilitate only shape. One of main craft that the path after regarding as machines, how does mould pressing quality affect the quality discretion of finished product directly.
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