Technical communication: Add case of corrugated paper colour bear pressure
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Current, our country packs an enterprise to produce what colour box uses for the most part is two kinds of craft: (1) presswork first chromatic face paper, hind laminating or glazing, later glue of again manual back up or rows of tiles on a roof of mechanical and automatic joint shape; (2) color graph article imprints on plastic film, again Fu arrives on 100 paperboard, next back up is stuck shape.

The box of colour box colour that no matter use which kinds of technology,produces, its bear pressure and compressive strength all greatly under the box of common watermark paper that pledges with material (sewing thread on card is produced) , encounter a client to be badly in need of or day of overcast and rainy assures quality hard, this one problem is perplexing generator deeply, so how be solved?

Everybody knows: Box of paper of production of sewing thread on card is to pass gelatinize, heat shape after instantaneous agglutinate, drying; And the chipboard of box of colour box colour that back up sticks is not to heat of stoving, the moisture in glue fluid permeates paper inside, of oil of glazing of face of together with colour and plastic film cut off, the moisture inside box base is couldn't get for long send out, answer naturally soft reduced intensity. Accordingly, we seek the means that solves a problem from a few following elements:

⒈ paper matchs

Some enterprises put in a such errors: The gram that paper uses inside heals to be able to increase paper chest more greatly again bear pressure and compressive strength, actually otherwise. Be about to strengthen case of colour box colour bear pressure, compressive strength must enhance core paper bear control capacity, trace of rows of tiles on a roof is not shown to should use low gram to weigh paper as far as possible after wanting glue of face paper back up only; Core paper, made of baked clay paper had better be used hold out force the straw pulp with high intensity of good, annulus pressing or wood pulp paper. In be not being used strong, or paper of general strong tile, because its make a living more the mixture of oar and second birth oar, bibulous although good Dan Ting is spent,intensity of pressure of fast, annulus spends low, tenacity low. Classics experiment, use but suddenly law determines in cover with tiles paper comparing delimits by force oar paper is bibulous rate is high 15% - 30% the left and right sides; Paper can increase a gram to weigh appropriately in. Carry out a proof, reduce inside the gram of paper is heavy, increase gram of made of baked clay paper, core paper to weigh, no matter be,have competitive advantage more from quality or price.
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