Box of colour of ox of shallow Tan Meng after rotor processing technique
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Meng Niu, to can be being experienced somewhat for all people that had had commercial association to it, high level, strict requirement is its pronoun, the product of all form a complete set is the examine and verify that passes numerous toll-gate, multiple and actual detect and specific data, ability obtains the introductory evidence that enters manufacturing application field, colour box is not exceptional also.

Box of unconscious ox colour is automatic piece (from the back abbreviation Meng Niu is automatic piece) hind path treatment basically divides treatment of the face that it is Fu, model to cut, stickup, bale 4 phase process, below do in the light of this respect according to the manufacturing situation of this enterprise discuss further.

Fu face is machined

Fu face, basically be will already the face paper that color has pressworked passes Fu face opportunity level off, accurate adherent cover with tiles in two on paper, the sizy and even daub that makes Fu face machine medium is on scrip of rows of tiles on a roof, the agglutinate that makes face paper and made of baked clay paper very good is together, form three-layer chipboard.

The requirement of paper

Fu face machine is taller to the requirement of made of baked clay paper, wraparound rise have tripartite side: The first if bend,be out of shape big, will affect Fu directly paper is deflective at the back of the face, cause a model to cut loss big; Precision of size of the 2nd made of baked clay paper wants tall, size of general tile paper should compare face paper size to want small, want control to be in commonly length small 4mm, width small 6mm, best control is in factual error ± 1mm less than, because measure passes the tile after congress creates Fu area,paper exceeds face paper size, the pattern that changed a model to cut a mechanism to decide cuts datum line, cut precision to bring an error to the model; Size is too small, can make the model cuts the dimension that decorate a border to cannot undertake shears repairing to made of baked clay paper, cause cut from rotor model at the same time made of baked clay paper is short of after shaping, make the sense organ is mixed actual bear pressure be affected; The 3rd, meng Niu is made of baked clay to paper box product of paper appear water to having firm demand: Any bibulous phenomena that show water are not had inside 60s. This means us to be on choice made of baked clay paper more confine. The common excel in that use gum covers with tiles paper is 60s, but can achieve 45s left and right sides actually only, what can choose 90s only so is tall made of baked clay paper of the excel in that use gum. But can be opposite again so Fu face craft poses difficulty.
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