Corrugated box qualitative check note
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When examining case of a batch of paper, can undertake checking with range estimation law at first, but must undertake by certain order.

1. examines paper box has damage without bundle up or collision, have deny drench or circumstance of be affected with damp be affected with damp;

2. is bound from sampling goods mid and draw-out box of a paper levels, the examination pressworks quality, the model cuts figure, flexure state reachs chipboard exterior;

3. opens paper box, the examination opens groovy cut, connect dimension, cover and with the ala piece quality;

4. is cut take chipboard of 80 × 30mm, examination material and arris;

5. examines inside dimension of quality of the jackknife end fluctuation and paper box;

6. juncture agglutinate (the hammer closes, adhesive plaster) quality.

Unqualified place should make paper case record, to confirm its disagreement standard, farther test can be made in the lab. For example, loosened inspection gives chipboard ration (G / M2) insufficient, the ply of measurable corrugated paper or box paperboard, because paper ply and ration are put in particular concern. Accurate examination needs to be below wet condition of constant temperature constant, use nice balance to have a test. If formulate is returned in technical standard the physics of chipboard and chemical function, if be able to bear or endure,destroy strength, compressive strength, must have a test according to formulary method so. The lab of the person that these experiments can be being used undertakes, if use person did not check an instrument, also can entrust technical trial orgnaization to have a test.