Flat model cuts craft to use a point mediumly in corrugated box
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It is at present in production process of corrugated box and carton of rows of tiles on a roof, the comparison that the model cuts technical application is extensive, the model cuts means sort very much also, if make the same score circle of planish, round planish, circle pressing,wait. In these means, planography model is cut those who use is most general. Existing formalities model is cut machine (fuse machine) , smooth planish is full automatic the model cuts machine and France base Er pressworks the model is cut machine (round planish) wait for advanced equipment. Smooth model is cut board make simple, the operation is convenient, no matter be large company or small and medium sized business,using. Model of simple introduction planography cuts a few respects that craft should note in actual production below.

Flat model cuts workmanship

In choose while the model cuts a technology, want to decide the model cuts craft above all, at present the model is cut board have two kinds, it is planography, it is round edition. Cut technological process and procedure to introduce simply with respect to planography model now.

Planography model cuts technological process: The model cuts edition design -- n/arc drafting -- cut is wood-block -- installation knife, line -- stickup sponge -- draw a design -- have bosomy line -- the model cuts an operation.

The model cuts procedure to basically include a model to cut the effective job limits of machine, model to cut box model the scale method of structural design, blueprint, model is cut of edition make and the model cuts production to operate essentials to wait. At present formalities model is cut machine (fuse machine) have a standard-sized sheet, ajar, quarto basically 3 kinds of norms, as the development of package machine industry, already produced the large formalities standard that exceeds norms of a standard-sized sheet to cut facility now, the company should make a model actually cut craft with ability according to production.

The model cuts box model structural design and cartography

Will design box certainly according to packing the weight of the characteristic of the product and content of the content that pack, size model cut printed sheet with the model. Answer to choose material of corrugated paper edition reasonably above all, what still should consider the whole process in flow of goods and paper case is long, wide, tall accord with certain proportion, want to consider the size that suits container even sometimes. The structural design that the model cuts craft is more complex, outside the issue that removes Lv of afore-mentioned take an examination, mix according to the characteristic of the product even the working ability of equipment, definite pattern cuts the type of edition and box model. Designing box model when, choose as far as possible " international carton is regular " in kind of affirmed box of 7 kinds of paper. This regulation is handy the packing specification of trade dealings, it is the world's universal international code.
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