The use of base paper of shallow analyse rows of tiles on a roof and purchase (i
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Exterior color

The chromatism of different and phyletic base paper is bigger, even if is same after batch of white paperboard or paperboard of bosseyed Tu Bubai are machined via corrugated fibreboard line, because produce rate,the be heated state of white paperboard differs, its whiteness also can produce change, bring about same the whiteness that approves a product appears difference. Additional and same breed, the base paper product of different batch, put possibly also in different hue difference, appear slant blue, slant yellow, the influence shapes the colour and lustre of the product is consistent, this is in of base paper choose on want special attention, a kind of product also is accomplished to use as far as possible when production same approve base paper.

Electrostatic problem

High pressure of the high temperature in building is copied in paper, and carry store the attrition in the process, the difference of temperature and humidity can arise in base paper surface electrostatic. Paper is contained electrostatic hind can part hard, generation takes paper many pieces, presswork in web in because same sex charge is exclusive, can happen imprint tasted drift, overprint forbids, receive paper not neat or the phenomenon such as difficulty pouring paper. In addition, contain electrostatic paper to return the dirt in easy and adsorptive air and wastepaper, make its adhere is imprinting article on, direct pollution imprints article. Static electrodeposition is tired produce scintilla to the meeting when particular strength, bury next fire hidden trouble. Special attention wants when choosing.

Of base paper choose a problem

Paper box produces an enterprise to be when use base paper, not be to press the requirement of the user to choose base paper sort merely. Of course, the requirement of contented client is the postulate that makes a client satisfactory, but this is not to show the client wants to use what paper we use what paper. Base paper sort and function are varied, below a lot of circumstances paper box user understands paper box not completely also to compound the situation of paper.

And different paper is in manufacturing process the effect that produces to different process and cost expenses are not identical, want to exclude the adverse factor of each respect, production goes out to be able to satisfy the paper box that the user asks already, what can produce equipment again is the biggest produce can reduce manufacturing cost, the standard uses paper is best means of settlement, also be create and increase profit to cut a point best.
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