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Of base paper purchase

Of the supplier choose

Of base paper purchase, the supply that wants the supplier with stability of as good as credit, quality, abundant actual strength to build stability concerns, cannot operate alone by purchase department, the relevant section such as need production, quality, technology is participated in jointly, want from the price, undertake affirming jointly on quality service.

Choose eligible vendor, the circumstance such as level of the productivity of the relevant data that should understand its product first, enterprise, service. According to findings and sample of bad news material, undertake hand-in-hand travel is evaluated manufacturing try out first, qualification hind purchases a system certainly in in principle of superior bad discard. Cannot improve in time for the problem appearing in goods, can undertake falling into disuse, in order to assure the stability of product quality.

The amount of base paper supplier should be stabilized in two go to 3, the amount is too much, because base paper diversity, interchangeability is differred and the meeting increases base paper incomplete to coil amount and loss, raised base paper overhead expenses and storage cost, also can make produce character to measure occurrence wave motion at the same time. The amount is too little, paper box produces a business easy be controlled by the other side, lose the chance of free choice, increased base paper to supply the risk that produces normally with the enterprise.

In purchasing, should notice to form concern of a kind of collaboration with the supplier, want to strengthen the education to the supplier, in order to come true both between double win. Should notice " one-time " purchase trade to transform to long-term cooperation relation, because the market is fluctuant,can assure so, the raw material that insecurity of supply of goods brings purchases an issue insusceptible, in the meantime, also be helpful for after service system build.

Purchase a system build

Purchase a system only perfect, measure is fulfilled reach the designated position, utmost ground prevents or just can decrease undesirable tasted happening. Check and accept specific provision to the receiving of cargo for storage of all sorts of bad news material, it is control undesirable the significant step of the material that taste bad news. So, the enterprise should make corresponding administrative system, purchase goods and materials to be mixed by inspector of the department that taste a canal standard of the storehouse administrator technology requirement according to the product, quality and delivery amount undertake examining guarding a pass controlling jointly, certificate of proof is rear but put in storage.
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