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In process of corrugated box production, the bad news material that uses has base paper of rows of tiles on a roof, edition material, printing ink presswork the material that use waste time, the model such as cutting tool, emery wheel cuts the timber that use waste time, and amylaceous, flat silk, gasket assist the capable person that use waste time. In all bad news material, wait for an element considering the loss in base paper cost, production and finished cost, base paper cost held the share that 80 % control, the cost control that the use of visible base paper and choose and buy produce to paper box has main effect.

Current paper box market, competition is intense, all sorts of elements make base paper price rise ceaselessly again, make space of paper box profit ceaseless reduce. The cost control of paper box business included bad news material to purchase, box of chipboard production, paper pressworks, hind path treatment and finished product are carried wait for each link. Below the premise that assures paper box quality, reasonable control the choice of base paper, purchase and use, reduce cost to the enterprise, get profit to having main effect.

The function index of base paper

Base paper of rows of tiles on a roof is a kind of ration the low mensurable light presspaper between 112 ~ 200g/m2, basically use the paper of core paper knead dough that makes corrugated fibreboard, common breed has paperboard of paper of chipboard of cowhide paperboard, box, fine dried noodles, tea, white paperboard and bosseyed Tu Bubai paperboard a few kinds. Because the base paper of different sort produces the difference on craft, its manage changes function of index, surface and printability to wait to also have bigger different. The function index of base paper and quality requirement basically include function of exterior quality, physics and exterior property a few respects.

Exterior quality

Exterior quality basically includes paper face or brim blemish, by the side of web brim damaged or breach, wool, canister core shrivelled collapses, the broken end inside paper was not received good; Base paper surface has horniness sundry, pleat, bad distribution divide evenly, exterior color is abhorrent wait for a circumstance, these presswork the influence quality, cause corrugated fibreboard and difference of quality of paper box exterior. Eligible base paper should make sure fibre is even, paper face level off, complete a colour, width is consistent, do not appear pleat, breach, injury of paper face nondestructive and bigger oar piece wait, and requirement quality of a material is close together, tough. The base paper of exterior off quality can cause useless defective goods, need to be controlled strictly.
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