Corrugated box detects project big pool (on)
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Corrugated box is applied extensively at the outer packing of commodity with its characteristic and environmental protection advantage, in the protective effect with save and rose the carriage of commodity, main in the sale. In use process, requirement paper box must achieve certain firmness and durable sex.

Current, intense market competes, make each paper box produces an enterprise to go up to undertake ceaselessly improvement in manufacturing technology and management in order to score the biggest gain, this makes paper box user was encountered in the process of use paper box more or less quality problem, if paper box piles,break down after the code collapse, burst caused a lot of needless losses.

Appear to avoid such circumstance, production gives eligible paper box product, must undertake detecting to corrugated box, make the manufacturing process of corrugated box gains effective control. So, proper understanding detects with what understand corrugated box project and detect method, have very important sense.

Detect basically project

Exterior quality

Eligible paper box asks to presswork design, writing is clear, do not have line and be short of lose a case; Design chroma is consistent, shining and bright-coloured and presswork position error is small, error of big paper box is in 7mm less than, error of small paper box is in 4mm less than. Exterior quality wants in good condition without damaged, without smear, casing all around without flaw, aperture is not had after each box top is shut. To paper box appearance, casing internal diameter and design dimension public errand should maintain in 5mm of big case ± , in casket ± 3mm, size of over all dimension agrees basically. Corrugated box shakes lid classics leaves, add up to fold of 180 degrees of move back and forth 5 times above, one, the facing of box of 2 kinds of paper and in the layer in box of 3 kinds of layer, paper is interstitial length summation not quite at 70mm. In addition, demand casing joint standard even, the brim is orderly, do not fold horn to wait.

Moisture content

So-called moisture content is the moisture content size in pointing to base paper of rows of tiles on a roof or chipboard, express with per cent, moisture content has very big effect to intensity of paper box casing, it is paper box weighs blemish 3 times to examine one of projects.
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