Knowledge of rows of tiles on a roof: The raw material of corrugated fibreboard
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Arboreous paper and paper paddle, can make with various plant fiber, but the raw material that serves as paper is used most still is arboreous still have blame wood kind.

The chemical composition of lumber

The typical and chemical composition that the Xie Cai that it is a needle and broad Xie Cai express below. But draw up well and truly very hard the chemical structural formula of lumber, the complex and inhomogenous natural production that because lumber is,comprises by a variety of structural formula compound. The bases of lumber is cellulose (40-50% ) , semi-cellulose (20-35% ) , wood kind (20-30% ) the material that dissolves with solvent place (3-3.5% ) . But should be in these chemical composition the condition that does not produce to the structure changes and be decomposed issues cent to single out, can saying is impossible. If study what the bases of lumber is, so its are carbohydrate is formed by how for the most part, occupy 60-80% about; If the much saccharide lumber uses rare acid to add moisture to solve, can know it is the high polymer carbohydrate that comprises by the odd saccharide such as candy of dextrose, manna, xylose.

The composition of main much saccharide of lumber can divide into: Cellulose, complete cellulose, semi-cellulose uses complete cellulose below room temperature rare alkaline (the KOH that uses the NaOH of 17.5% or 10-24% for example) handle, criterion the 15-30% that the dissolve in lumber gives is semi-cellulose, indiscerptible is cellulose.


The raw material of paper is pulp, it basically is made by lumber, its make methodological cardinal principle be as follows: Chemical pulp, pulp, half chemical pulp, machinery (physics) pulp

1, chemistry oar

Chemical oar is to be in the process of production pulp, the pulp that be given priority to with chemical and makes, differ with production method according to use drug of course, also have certain distinction. In get rid of the process pulp photograph of the element of intermediate layer wood in raw material and cellular wood element is compared, have raw material utilization rate however low with the defect with manufacturing high cost.

(1) cowhide pulp

Kraft oar is the pulp that method of a kind of chemically produces also calls sulfate pulp. One word of Kraft is in Sweden is the meaning that expresses to bear fruit. The paper that because Swedish chemical plant makes extraction pulp place copy with by-product mirabilite,makes is very solid, it is kraft because of what this says.
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