Function paper box packs medium accept rice technology
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Accept rice last corrugated box

Show some lasting technology and technology are very sophisticated, and last the effect that pack not beautiful, mix in the operation that pack store relative cost is higher in carry process. After using accept rice technology, these problems be readily solved.

Of the new provision such as fruit vegetables last pack even if should settle the aeriform matter that quickens fruit vegetables metamorphism to decay -- the problem of ethylene. In last in packing, fruit vegetables releases an ethylene, after ethylene reachs certain consistency, fruit vegetables can quicken decay, accordingly, in last in packing, should try to join ethylene absorbefacient, rise with reducing the ethylene content in packing last the effect and prolong shelf life. But the experiment makes clear, the ethylene absorbefacient result that seeks at present is not ideal, make thereby last the research that pack encountered difficult problem. Pink of Ag of accept rice class, the ethylene that can release fruit vegetables food quickens oxidation to reduce ethylene content, achieve thereby last goodly the effect. Use as the accept rice particle of oxidation activator basically has Fe3O4, Fe2O3, CO3O4, NiO and Pt, Rh, Ag, Pd to wait.

Company of a papermaking of Japanese produced a kind of fruit to last the box that pack. It is to be on the mount of rows of tiles on a roof of box of made of baked clay paper, add a polyethylene film, what besmear on one contains minim fruit disinfectant again next is waterproof dried meat coating, cent evaporates and restrain breath in order to avoid fruit water to achieve last purpose. With this kind the box that pack packs a fruit, can make the fruit keeps fresh inside a month.

Keep fresh to can make fruit and vegetable are in carriage process, palpability of hair of a company of American is packed one kind oxygen content reduces in box, add azotic content, the new method that with making fruit vegetables lasts. This method uses the new-style bag case that has the property that enrage tone in carry, this kind of box that pack has a tailor-made film, film can draw oxygen member, and let nitrogen pass. After entering the case that pack through film in air so, the nitrogen content inside box can be as high as 98% above, make the respiration of fruit vegetables is decelerated thereby, achieve the goal that lasts more for long.
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