Corrugated box detects project big pool (below)
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Adhesive strength

The face paper of corrugated fibreboard, in the degree of arris peak agglutinate of paper, core paper and mode corrugated paper, inside certain unit length can susceptive is the biggest come off force, be called the adhesive strength of corrugated fibreboard, showed the firmness that corrugated fibreboard back up sticks.

Of A corrugated fibreboard detect, come off wear insert a needle to should use Φ 3mm, and B, C corrugated fibreboard comes off those who wear insert a needle to should use Φ 2mm more appropriate. Come off frame go up every insert a needle to answer the central place of notch of rows of tiles on a roof of alignment of as it happens, and span is adjusted equal hind, screw each screw fixed. The check of adhesive strength checks sample, can take 4 each respectively from inside 3 appearance box, direction of its rows of tiles on a roof is short frontier way, material is qualitative should in good condition nondestructive, without degum, without bubbly phenomenon. Sample norms is 25mmx80mm, the error is in ± 1.0mm less than, such but better land assures to detect the accuracy of the result.

The conversion formula of adhesive strength is: L of / of P = F. In type: P is the adhesive strength of corrugated fibreboard sample, express with N / M; F is sample extraction force cost is read when depart, the unit is N; L is the dimension of sample long side, the unit is M. Those who operate the element such as craft is the quality of adhesive, recipe and equipment, appropriate, deciding the adhesive strength of chipboard, and the stand or fall of chipboard adhesive strength, affecting paper box greatly fight pressure intensity, be able to bear or endure broken intensity and expose the function such as intensity.

Expose intensity

Cross the work that corrugated fibreboard place does with the pyramid of proper form, displays energy calls corrugated fibreboard expose intensity, the unit is J, can use expose intensity determines appearance undertakes examining.

When detecting, choose the appearance case with 3 better outward appearances, from the box wall of every appearance box each take 4 to not have destroy, anhydrous imprints, mix without crease the chipboard that does not have other exterior blemish, norms is 175mmx175mm detect appearance 12. When cent cuts sample, should notice initiative line should become parallel state with rows of tiles on a roof. Instrument zero calibration is answered before detecting every time, according to the general strength of sample, choose appropriate heavy weight, make measured value is between the 80 % of 20 % ~ that measure range; After sample is secured, needle middling finger is dialed be worth to top scale, grind annulus is covered at the back of pyramid, press the position of rest when placing a lock to the experiment release, make move about arm drives pyramid penetrable sample, read next take detect numeric; the front, from the back, fore-and-aft, transverse wait for detected numerical value, beg an arithmetical average, withhold 3 significant numbers to be namely measure an outcome.
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