Knowledge of rows of tiles on a roof: The raw material of corrugated fibreboard
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Of paper and chipboard divisional

By its ply cent is paper and chipboard, the pasteboard that is used to the weight on admiral square area to exceed 200g calls chipboard, be less than 200g weight call paper. But rise as the improvement of mechanical equipment, material, engineering technology, appeared flimsy chipboard also calls light-duty corrugated paper and chipboard, its category already exceeded the lay regulation of 200g, also divide on manufacturing machinery for product line of heavy-duty corrugated fibreboard and product line of light-duty corrugated fibreboard, my company's existing 3 chipboard product line all attributes light-duty chipboard product line.

Paper and chipboard have 5000 kinds about on disgraced bound, the paper that our country produces and chipboard have 500-600 to plant, have base paper of box paperboard, rows of tiles on a roof, white paperboard, Huang Ban with the main breed that packs at commodity paper of paperboard of paper of paperboard of paper, kraft, glass, asphalt, copperplate paper, glue, coated paper, special type, glue besmears, and the main paperboard having case of production corrugated box and base paper of rows of tiles on a roof two kinds.

Of the face of positive and negative of paper or chipboard differentiate

No matter which kinds of paper or chipboard have the branch of face of positive and negative, when copying paper, wet paper it is the opposite with net interface, other one side is the front. Because the opposite is contacted with cupreous net, petty fiber and filling prediction of a person's luck in a given year are more, show a net to imprint, reason reverse side is relatively harsh. The obverse side is relatively tight, the property of face of positive and negative has apparent difference. Its smoothness, the front relatively the reverse side is some higher, somes opposite of the speed that pull hair is bigger than the front; White spot opposite is betterer than the front, because this paper and chipboard have two sides sex.

Two sides sex is right presswork the impact of quality is very big. Normally, openly smoothness, apply glue to spend all better, reason its presswork function it may not be a bad idea. The face paper of box of the paper that make, must make outside recto face, so that presswork,mix undertake moistureproof processing, it is this to must differentiate the face of positive and negative of paper or chipboard.
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