Moistureproof paper box makes plan
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Corrugated box undertakes moistureproof make, besides protecting what packing does not get water to soak, basically be to prevent water to be opposite the soak of casing itself. Because paper box suffers compressive strength of the casing after water is soaked, bursting strength to be able to drop greatly, will affect the quality that pack badly so.

Corrugated box undertakes moistureproof make, the method that uses agent of water of besmear place troops on garrison duty normally will solve. Accordingly, the action according to waterproof agent can divide the making method of moistureproof paper box for: Provisionality prevents water treatment and long sex to prevent water treatment.

Provisionality is moistureproof method

Corrugated fibreboard uses provisionality in producing a course after waterproof agent is handled, have temporarily waterproof function. According to JISZ1537 -- the explanation of 1989: When water short time falls at its go up, not bedew and into water, can prevent leach to appear chipboard. Craft of chipboard of waterproof agent processing comes to provisionality nearly 10 years in our country factory of each big paper box already all applied. This kind of waterproof agent is introduced from Japan at the outset, its Japanese literal is " unplug water agent " . This kind of coating is inchoate use on fabric fiber, just use at the processing of chipboard later. Because this establishs paper box plant mostly,use unplug of water agent make a way.

Unplug water agent is latex of a kind of candle, solid content is commonly: 48~51% , its the biggest characteristic is 30 times more usable when use right-and-left water is attenuant, on the corrugated fibreboard face that besmears cloth shapes at be in next, the temperature that controls through 150C is dry, the wrap up of paper surface fiber as a result of vinegar, and have low surface pulling force, form the facing that does not infiltrate to water. When treating water, water does not infiltrate on this chipboard, form water to boil fall, achieve waterproof effect thereby.

But, it is not good that candle adds exert oneself to paper fibrous, should unplug especially water agent by 30 times more attenuant later, its solid content has 1.5~1.7 only, paper surface fiber has only very thin one is lapped by candle. Because candle latex is medium,additionally the bead diameter of candle is compared commonly normally way of bead of high polymer latex is old, it is difficult also to should be permeated in past paper fiber, unplug water agent is opposite commonly at the same time aluminous a kind of chemical is sensitive, in paper the surface often defeats breast very quickly and precipitation comes down, because this unplugs,the candle particle majority in water agent is only on paper face a very poor presence. Below the effect that has external friction power, candle is chafed easily, show the thread that laps without candle, waterproof effect is reduced greatly. Add exert oneself to paper fibrous to enhance candle, unplugging there often are colophony ramification or carboxyl to change high polymer latex in water agent, they have the Xiang Rong sex with have very good conglutinate force, better again with candle to paper fiber already. Such, the adherent sex that their affiliation can promote candle to go up in paper fiber, if be opposite,at the same time candle undertakes modified, if oxidize its, base change, also have similar action, can make candle adds exert oneself to increase to paper fibrous. But what must point out is, added these measure namely, unplugging water agent is in what what form below such chroma still is not layer of a waterproof film, because this is in,encounter attrition, if paper box is being carried, attrition is encountered in process piling a code, often can make this one waterproof surface loses action. This is why be Tu Bu the box of this kind of paper of water agent surely provisionality is waterproof paper box.
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