Design an a bit: Let informatization more stick into paper box design
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Want to build the database that designs material and knowledge above all. "Do not invent wheel afresh " , this is the classical law that when Mai Ken stannum seeks advice, uses, in also can applying paper box likewise to design the job, come. Probably somebody can object this kind of opinion, think the design is the job of an originality originally, how need not invent oneself wheel? Perhaps say to borrowed others or the achievement that draw lessons from others? Actually otherwise, a good design personnel is the foundation with very good need not just, also need experienced and knowledgeable. Build design material warehouse, can abound the knowledge that designs staff, arouse more originality inspiration. Build design knowledge or database of the knowledge that pack likewise, can let design personnel to understand the client's implicit requirement, of the product that pack make, the actor defect of the machine is waited a moment, the product that makes the design comes out satisfies the client's requirement adequately. Draw lessons from the experience previously, perhaps build come with the industry the database of fractionize, can let us install a design to work to the bag of the product inside the industry more handy. The company that can pass the service comes by the industry, packing category that presses a product fractionize; Accumulate every time the data of client survey, pass computer and the analysis that assist software, can use up to the packing circumstance of this industry so stop eye ground, make pack it is much easier also to come. Build design material and intellectual database, not be simple build two databases server to go. Computer is a tool from beginning to end, you put again much knowledge inside he also won't appreciation, need is applied neatly make he becomes a product. This needs you to be able to analyse the design that gives you to need what material and knowledge, arrange to his classify. Necessary when discuss these knowledge and material where to can apply together with everybody, have some of what actor drawback. So, of the library the input that building is a design actually, the input of client data, the input that devises intellectual mastery of a skill or technique is waited a moment. Be software and flow next cooperate with. When what do work of design early days when design personnel is about the same, design work was entered truly " start work " level. Can become design work imagination the flow of a closed circuit, from us understanding packs production knowledge, skill, through the survey to the client, apply the knowledge that says to master to design paper box next, good the design paper case shows a client, returned batch to make again. Finish so a flow is applied additional software tool will have to the speed of the design and quality very big rise, if we with respect to a pen a knife, when waiting for a bag to pretend to come out, the client's product had missed best sale time, still have mix quickly high quality also is an advantage in competition.