Design an a bit: Let informatization more stick into paper box design
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Competition is intense, profit is reduced in what keep; Paper box business is after the price war that passes this a few years, make the enterprise that everybody is thinking how to let his base course of study is evergreen. Expectation passes strategic transition, seek those who fit him business to live means. To having the conformity of resource, let design personnel to move toward the market, will in order to pack the expert's angle sell paper case, carry a group have something made to order personally for client quantity in coordination the packing solution that accords with client demand. This kind of sale group that is core in order to design brought the material benefit of true true be sure to to the client not just, also let paper box business find that land that suits his to live in competition.

Adjust brought constituent structural adjustment as the strategy, design personnel faces more people and issue; The industry of sortie differs or the client's requirement of time of different, design shorten waited these a moment to make design work mode change with informatization. Good flow and software, become oneself can make design working get twice the result with half the effort, this makes informatization big in work of paper box design exhibit skill. However, doing good paper box to design informatization also is not an issue that can resolve simply with a few software, the development that regards the one part of informatization of paper box business as it is full of twist euqally. So what does the informatization that paper box designs need to do? How can ability satisfy the requirement that designs the job? This good before with respect to need precipitation enterprise administrative pattern method blends in software in and use at arriving in design work, like letting software resemble life in designing a process, motion rises.

Pass electronic agency and memory tool and design software, make design work more relaxed, quick and high grade. "The design results from imitate " , this needs substantial knowledge to enrich our cerebra, arouse our inspiration. Have the raising of things to a higher level in be being imitated only, what design product infuse soul to us this ability is a good design product. Likewise good flow and method, it is administrative method and the precipitation that design knowledge not just, the design intent that it lets us is able to come true, the product infuse that is us life. Had the product of life and soul, return anxious to cannot move the client's heart? Where is the work that these a few sides has done?
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