Use example: The safe technology on carton
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Will get better brand security remains a popular topic through a variety of technologies using on carton.

The brand that PrintCity has to be comprised by the company such as Bobst, Jura, M-real, MANRoland, Merck, SunChemical and Weilburger protects an organization, they produced a kind to combine them the dactylogram of respective advantage technology is packed, can implement the strategy that forges instead effectively. The technology that this uses among them includes: Add in coating the medium, dye that can differ according to the perspective and shows different color, holographic and video graph, the heat that is changed transparent by the meeting after feeling quick printing ink, add net skill, the small technology that press a flower and the fluorescent printing ink that can produce reaction below specific infrared ray when exposed to the open air.

A more conspicuous member in organization of this brand protection is M-real group consumable the ministry that pack. M-real forges the action instead through combining a variety of technology measures to support.

Relevant technical measure can divide 3 kinds according to the level of security: Of dominance, recessive with sex of card of ancient bronze mirror. Already had 200 at present the technology of a variety of this respects, basically be design with base material, adornment, presswork and treatment is relevant. But actually the real power of safeguard is to come from the combination at the technology, he emphasizes saying. The brand protection service of M-real company includes safety to seek advice, safe technology (the kit of this need itself and have a technology only) , the safety of safe chipboard and company supplies chain. In the kit of M-real, the client can choose plan of a kind of material, for example a kind of small corrugated paper that contains safe blue, or the client also can choose design of sex of a kind of structure, if contain the carton of round horn. Still have additionally can presswork recessive safety precaution or the treatment way that add holographic and video plan, lucVanGestel explanation says.

Inside kit of this brand protection, the company rolled out 3 kinds of new technologies, blow can be helped forge behavior when so that be being used to chipboard or carton,be being packed. The technology that these 3 kinds of names are Stars, Decolux and Origo respectively already passed old development in the technical center of M-real.
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