How to choose to pack a structure to design software
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Current, the high speed of Chinese economy develops, to packing black-and-white demand leap, ask to wrap apparel to have environmental protection and the character that can use continuously. Design of the structure that pack has been become pack presswork the technology of the product is crucial. Although be on home market, the structure that pack designs software to still can't make a client dazzling, but how make an on-the-spot investigation according to packing product feature, the quality that the software that satisfies him requirement with the choice quite produces to sequel and efficiency are very important, software chooses to had become a very crucial issue.

One, the principle that chooses to pack a structure to design software

The structure that pack designed software to cover the exterior groom that pack to machine craft and processing technology, with presswork of pull current Cheng before imprinting, presswork the relationship with the treatment after imprinting is extremely close. The principle that chooses to pack a structure to design software is as follows:

1, functional sex

The functional sex of software is to show software can execute the task with implementation and function. Functional sex is the core element that evaluates a software, the structure that pack designs the basic function of software to basically include:

(1) box model library

Box library is to point to arrange series of composition of a picture of the classification, box that has designed knot to reach its by specific regulation commonly used spare parts, the structure that can satisfy an user to wait for packet of mount in smoke, wine, medicine, food designs need. In packing structural software, box library is indispensable, also be to reflect the structure that pack to design software personnel to be opposite the understanding that packs all sorts of requirements and assurance sign.

The user passes box library, OK and special the ground when convenient province undertakes all sorts of designs that pack, need to call the case that accords with oneself to need in box library only model, change size according to actual condition. Accordingly, the mark of the crucial part that a whole case library is software of design of the structure that pack and technical level.

(2) box CAD design

The structure that pack designs software to need to use a variety of professional plot tools to realize the architect's originality, when the case that cannot find him place to need in box library when the user especially structure pursues, can proper motion scale is of all kinds the box that pack structure. Although pack a structure to design software to own powerful case library, but all cases that still include user place impossibly to need. Accordingly, software has proper motion to design a box model the function is very main.
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