Bishop sale: Reduce the cost that pack to gain the market
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The brand bishop of 90% is in roll out the first year of sale adverse, the new brand of additionally 10% can be obtained greatly however get the better of completely, even if is such, it in the market be current time also is controlled 5 years nevertheless. Once the product goes up frame must sell work off immediately, sale a magic weapon depends on " pack " , whether to because great majority consumer is,buy a product according to packing a decision.

So is your product packed welcome? Whether to have improvement space? Whether did your competitor change is its product packed? Or after your bishop packs a change, is sales volume inferior to before? Is the product put on goods shelves whether conspicuous?

In fact, the cost that pack also is the expenditure with not small brushstroke, need lets this part expenditure develop its as far as possible the biggest effectiveness, gain market purchasing power. It is managing below the cost that pack, 6 old strategy that attract a customer:

1. packs totle drilling cost ought to with conform to of product price, figure, ask oneself: Are the cost that pack and vinous sale price harmonious on scale? Value of wine of false consistent bottle 14 yuan, the cost that pack amounts to 7 yuan, be too mad? Altogether, the design that pack should be aimed at consumer, ought to do sufficient market research, change a part when necessary, consider the packing cost of the product with the client's identity.

2. considers to show, the product cost of 70-80% is packing a design already had decided in the process, stylist should be hep " supply a design " , designing namely (plan) when the product, use can make product more accord with those who supply need to make technology and technology. Among them the design of mark of the glue cap, box that pack, wine is attached most importance to especially should. For instance, some brewery designed label of 26 kinds of different wine to roll out a new wine.

3. investigates data to make clear, the consumer of 70% is do temporarily after seeing bishop is packed buy a decision, those who change character, regard production as business, you are having potential force to the client's desire to buy. Is the product packed whether can you transmit substantial information to potential customer? During this, be necessary to have fundamental market research, although simple chat with the client, also can discover consumer is right new product or new the report that pack.
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