Reasonable box design pays close attention to design itself not merely
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Corrugated box weight performance of light, structure is good, suit to presswork, easy change dimension and easy in the carriage sale of goods bundle up and caboodle code, easily automation works, also have favorable protective effect to commodity, numerous advantage makes its are in commodity tie up sale action is wider and wider, and the amount also is in the growth of year after year. But using in great quantities while, also expose the inadequacy that gave paper box to pack, if suffer the influence of moisture to make compressive strength is reduced, performance grows along with time and a lot of defect excel next demote other pack. How to change paper box to pack existing inadequacy, produce its advantage adequately; This is a difficult problem that is placed before paper case worker, and everybody is in to capture this difficult problem and do one's best. How will improve this kind of current situation, it is the change distributes material or change case model, demand of or guiding client and improvement craft? Discuss this issue from these a few respects together with everybody here, in an attempt to accomplishs a client to offer the most reasonable also be the most appropriate pack. Both neither affects the demand that the product packs, also can accomplish green to pack.

The first, understand the client's requirement adequately, pack with packing the expert's angle to be done for the client. The requirement that understands a client is not a simple thing actually, for the box with respect to paper box design, the contents property that we want to know a client not only, bag outfit carriage means, means piling a code, inside outfit product weight, still need to know a client the expectation that a few implicit demand are like a client, legal laws and regulations is waited a moment. Content of technology of paper box industry is not high, caused paper case salesperson quality is uneven, one part clerk goes to this one paying attention to customer service rarely. At this point business of box of a lot of paper also in succession transition, the salesperson also turned a client into the delegate, the client was represented on the sale policy of paper box and price; However, the underlying demand to the client they also are only blindly put the risk on company head. Paper box business should foster the salesperson into expert of tie up sale, this also is very not easy thing; The idea basically is inside this, 2 it is the salesperson before the company had not been engaged in paper box production making, this makes groom cannot guide or groom form. Want effective settlement the happening of this kind of circumstance, the enterprise is OK interiorly establishs client management department, be in charge of providing the service that pack for the client. This need builds this department into technical ability of a business comprehensive and the group that hep client runs, this includes to pack division of division of the planar stylist, construction that pack, the technology that pack, sale to engineer division, sale among them division of the engineer, management that pack, pack groom division, pack detect professional. Only these design those who reach administrator to join, talent is enough the product the client analyses processing from the message that packages final work off, true it is a client in the round to offer all-around paper box to pack a service. What such group can accomplish client and enterprise not only is double win, also be an enterprise the following development laid solid foundation.
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