The modelling that pack and structure are designed
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Commodity packs decoration to cannot leave the container that pack, the modelling that pack and structural design are a when commodity packs main component. Of commodity pack main component to carry with consumer package two kinds big. Consumer package is pack with what consumer meets directly and use, its modelling and structural design should be accorded with " science, beautiful, be saleable " requirement. Want to consider the beautiful issue on modelling, decoration already when the design, should consider the scientific and reasonable issue on the structure more. The excellent model that pack, structure is designed, can be accommodated not only and protect commodity, beautification commodity, the sale of stimulative commodity, and still should facilitate carry, facilitate use, facilitate be on sale and facilitate carry.

Current, the commonly used material that pack has paper, plastic, pottery and porcelain, glass, bamboo, wood, metal and all sorts of composite material. Especially carton is packed is use in all sorts of material that pack the most extensive, its quality of a material is deft and withy, facilitate make, presswork, display, carry, inventory and processing, and the price is low, apply to protect all sorts of commodity and be applied extensively.

Carton packs classify

Carton packs can divide by basic form it is 3 kinds: Collapsible carton calls fold the box; Cannot folding weighs bandbox; The container that can pack liquid state is made after paper is handled through treatment, compound, gelatinize, carton of flexible package of a general designation. Pack in commodity among them in the application of fold carton is most, its structure is like a few kinds of next main types

① heaven and earth is built and shake the carton that cover type. They are the graph that differs in the basis on box side is pressed have tangent, can open a lid, can see goods already, can see the decoration graph of box side, character and trade mark again, its advantage is open goes to the lavatory, take out easily commodity and facilitate display reach propagandist commodity.

② opens window type carton. Carton of type opening a window has local top of a window, box is transparent with much face transparent wait for 3 kinds of forms. Use with union of transparent model film commonly, place opening a window shows ware, facilitating consumer choose and buy.
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