Corrugated box reachs the modelling of its accessory, structure and design
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1, corrugated box reachs his the modelling of accessory

Corrugated box differs according to using a case as a result of world each country cent is different also, at present general is by Ou Zhou chipboard makes Joint Industry Conference on international (FEFCO) Ou Zhou solid fibreboard box makes society (ASSCO) the corrugated box that offer and method of classification of corrugated paper box, call " case of international paper case standard " . This standard presses the corrugated box of all sorts of styles, corrugated paper box and its accessory 4 digit assign phlogistic summer number. If we weigh those who make corrugated box of speak or sing alternately normally, call it in case of international paper case standard 0201 model box. Method of this kind of classification already was accepted for world each country now, our country wants paper case about tile, corrugated paper box and classification of standard of its accessory formative used this kind of method.

2, production dimension

Internal diameter dimension adds the ply of uses corrugated fibreboard to be production dimension.

3, external diameter dimension

The size that produces actually adds the ply that is uses corrugated fibreboard to be external diameter dimension.

Make corrugated box with corrugated fibreboard, to make the turn with good corrugated fibreboard is folded, be about to use the method of line ball, make through line ball the structure of corrugated fibreboard is destroyed can make li of paper contractive, face paper is outspread, this gave the concern of the line ball of corrugated fibreboard and corrugated box dimension with respect to report.

No matter be with at 3 o'clock type or method of type line ball shaped at 5 o'clock corrugated box, the bulgy ministry branch of bottom line of line ball annulus pushs the press press position of corrugated fibreboard into the central position of corrugated fibreboard. So, the internal diameter dimension of corrugated box should spread out than corrugated box constantly line and the distance summary that press space are a few briefer. Such is about shrink that part dimension adds Qiao Shi, closely related the ply of this size that increases and use corrugated fibreboard.

When the corrugated box that make, between the internal diameter dimension of the external diameter size that merchandise holds inside and corrugated box, must satisfy the following concern:
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