The foreign carton with functional sex good capacious prospect packs brief intro
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In recent years, as the ceaseless development of chipboard material and its processing technique, the exterior that carton packs is more more elegant than before beautiful. Recently, the applicability that carton packs pair of microwave oven to heat and the protection that contain substance internally are very greater than having before rise.

The beautiful adornment sex that layer coating of Gao Guangze and compound technology processing and treatment raised carton to pack greatly, the carton that because this is on the goods shelves of cosmetic and food market,can see decorate is elegant everywhere is packed. Especially precious product uses elegant and beautiful carton to pack, commercial sense is very great. Those capacities are the packing food with the differ dimension such as 5 ounce, 1O ounce the sale in be being put into the supermarket to refrigerate ark, be the characteristic with different commodity -- the character characteristic of the decorate that pack and product oneself, to the client breathed ground reveals the glamour of own product. For example, the product of delicate chicken series of Tyson food company is a best. In modern market and supermarket, the carton that has commodity distinguishing feature each is packed can be found everywhere, everywhere is visible.

Tyson food company has the carton of delicate chicken of the feature to pack extremely is this company and Rock, of Tenn company joint development novel pack one by one upside is used " frontispiece " the coping of type, bottom is convenient light-duty coupling board, one is designed in the front of carton " window mouth " , consumer can see inviting delicate chicken food and the quality of a material that examine a product. The solid that the material of carton is 18 pounds is vitriolic blanch paper (SBS) . Pressworking is 7 kinds when use the superlative degree hectograph, ultraviolet ray was carried out on black-and-white appearance face scanning coating and special " cruel " processing of aluminum foil tool set. The effect of coating of ultraviolet scanning surface is to make the surface is just as bright and clean bright white lens area is same, make the hectograph picture of the product more bright beautiful beautiful and outstanding, commodity effect is outstanding. The carton of this product is packed be labelled to exceed product of high grade form.
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