Carton packs a design to make a technology reach its new development (below)
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Cosmetic carton develops a tendency

Nowadays, manufacturing business drove carton to pack a design to the high demand that pack, the diversity that promoted the product on goods shelves is changed and highlight change. Newest chipboard and plastic box apply blazing material, special adornment and clever appearance morely to highlight pack, the bounds between masses product and high-grade product also becomes more and more ambiguous, more and more products are sold in 2 class outer packing.

Main trend

Because the last few years does not have any outstanding innovation to pack,pound market of 2 class outer packing, brand sale person using existing natural resources knowledgeably to try with their supplier integrated. From a few respects the analysis affects cosmetic carton and plastic box to pack a few of the structure main trends below.

The appearance of 1. different common

More and more companies ask to pack box appearance differently, make the change with a few traditional breakthroughs, is not a groovy appearance. In this domain relative to newer change it is to apply note model to shape plastic end lid. Brand of yulan magnolia oily Regenerist used this technology, resemble a cylinder and final and finishing carton looks is not a cube more.

The capable person that 2. has grain is qualitative

The material of rich grain is character in cosmetic outer packing already extraordinary popularity. Grain often is through printing grain is being pressed on a piece of whole paper generation come out. When people takes it, with respect to discovery it is gifted a kind of tactility that with the standard smooth perhaps chipboard differs. One kind when most client or preference union have grain material to pledge inferior smooth effect.

Now, business of production of a lot of cosmetic is seeking the capable person that has a kind of different type to feel character to pledge with the business that pack, if have grain of bead of a kind of clastic rock the chipboard of coarse effect or a kind fleece-faced the feeling. In the meantime, grain simple sense also can arise through using coating.

3. reveals a gender to pack

Pass through outer packing to be able to see the fluoroscopy of contents is packed, get increasingly the favour of consumer. Although this kind of effect can pass chipboard mouth to accomplish, but numerous brand sale person choosing to achieve this goal through combining a gender one kind to pack -- built-in inside structure of a chipboard a plastic window. Chipboard and plastic there can be a very effective couple in the future.
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