Shanghai grand scene: Full automatic flat model is cut machine LX-1500S brief in
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[main characteristic]
1, this type develops design work paper to taste for corrugated paper factory only but by billow of F billow ~A B (5) , solve large size corrugated paper for industry the model cuts treatment issue.
2, torsional limitation protects electric equipment of machinery of leader drive stock, can safe hold accuse.
3, hold it is easy to accuse safety, paper curves adaptability big, fault rate is minor, produce can tall, be worth corrugated paper industry to use.
4, control of lube constant temperature, solve heat to go up cold shrink pressure not all problem, protective parts wears away not easily.
5, act of liquid crystal of microcomputer of operation personnel basis indicates an operation, if have,different often will indicate a caution, produce with benefit successful.
6, use clamp skill to clutch paper, the accuracy when can ensuring high speed runs.
7, the model cuts pressure driving, the box to of all kinds paper, much model, all can easily the model is cut.
8, use model of entrance tall hardness to cut armor plate, hard usage wears away not easily.
9, except bits board model is used without board casing device, cooperate leader drive, easy essence of life spends school board definitely tall.
10, departmental movement all supervisory and control arrangement of stock electric eye, operation and postmortem easily.
11, safe fit is perfect, ensure operation personnel is safe.

[main structure]

Take paper department
To save time machine of the accessary preparation that take paper, the exercise efficiency of concave and convex chipboard is great change

Mould pressing ministry
Applied circumgyrate means to make work shift more agile, installed CENTER LINE program to shorten change board time, safe KNUCHLE forms the modular shearing force with powerful play

Cut paper department
Installed CENTER LINE program to shorten change board time, to increase production efficiency used two kinds of PIN and wood means to go up, in, next device that cut paper at the same time movement

Discharge paper department
Installed around to liquidate unit, configuration label is inserted implement convenient note number

[technical parameter]


LX-1500S LX-1700S is the biggest the dimension that use paper 1200mm of × of 1500 × 1100mm 1700 is the smallest with paper size the oldest standard cuts 650mm of × of 750 × 600mm 750 dimension the smallest model cuts 1180mm of × of 1480 × 1080mm 1680 dimension model of 1230mm of × of 1580 × 1130mm 1780 cuts size of interior of casing of edition of 550mm of × of 700 × 550mm 700 armor plate
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