Shanghai grand scene: Cent of high speed platen cuts machine brief introduction
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[main characteristic]
1, use accurate and abrade part, comprehensive promotion is overall life.
2, the world's advanced computer dogs control system. This machine uses operation of two-way oil pressure, the save labour when the province.
3, the special and special knife that cutting tool uses an entrance, wear well and assure precision. Machinery optimizes a design, the operation is handy, maintain convenient

[random fittings]
1, base paper of type of hydraulic pressure double arm wears a group 2, 2 inches, core of 1.2 inches of paper covers a group
3, retroflexion device a group a group 4, tensional controller a group
5, buy of press fitting suction paper a group 6, length monitor a group
7, speed controller a group 8, distribute a system (knife of fluctuation cent paper each 3 groups) a group
9, electrostatic eliminating is centralized group 10, scale type conveyer a group
11, insert paper machine automatically a group 12, rise automatically fall stage receiving paper a group
13, automatic paper is patted machine a group 14, drive caution implement a group
15, full paper caution implement a group 16, suck wind to fasten centralized group
17, long edge fastens centralized group with waste paper 18, working footpath stage a group

[main report controls a system]
Double frequency polo amounts to: A Zhang Shu, speed, length, indication computer: A group
Advocate accuse box: A group deputy accuse box: A group
Transformer: Compressor of a group of air: A group

[machine weight]
Double knife make an appointment with 9600KG, short-hilted broadsword make an appointment with 8800KG to cover an area of an area: Grow 12 meters of * 3.5 meters wide * is 3 meters tall

[technical parameter]


Double knife (pasteboard is used)

Short-hilted broadsword (flimsy is used)

The biggest paper kind a diameter:

60 inches (1525 millimeter)

60 inches (1525 millimeter)

The biggest width that cut paper:

63 inches (1600 millimeter)

63 inches (1600 millimeter)

Cut off length limits:

18 inches - 57 inches

460-1450 millimeter

The top rate that cut paper:

200 meters / minute

250 meters / minute
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