Shanghai grand scene: Brief introduction of ES-1500 of machine of semi-automatic
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[main characteristic]
1, use high speed completely automatic paste is folded machine nose sending paper, the operation is simple and easy.
2, advanced design, ask completely according to the user unilateral or bilateral production.
3, use high speed completely automatic paste bends the plant of the aspiration that grind an edge of machine.
4, sizy system also is used full automatic paste folds machine principle to design.
5, conveyer belt and pneumatics stage can choose according to the user (the standard is unilateral 8 pneumatics stage and corresponding conveyer belt) .
6, the exterior is tie-in and harmonious, the structure is strong, select material is accurate.

[main structure]
Give paper department
1, cooperate oscillatory motor by leather belt giving paper;
2, the metal board transverse bring set width into play.
3, the motivation that press a flower guides leather belt of strong derivative paper;
4, or so 2 edges set fender, cooperate product model left and right sides to bring into play.
5, ministry giving paper matchs a knife giving paper, adjust according to real kind asymmetry length;
6, oscillatory and motor intensity wears pass in and out to adjust according to vibration;
7, whole cooperates to finish fast and handy successive and automatic give paper correctly;
8, deserve not to have paragraph of gearshift adjustment to take paper space.
Ministry of the glue on burnish
1, burnt canister can assemble and unassemble;
2, the burnt quantity of burnt canister is adjustable, stable, maintain handy.
3, offer paste annulus ply to be 10mm, also can press a client special requirement is chosen;
4, burnt canister is used solid, durable complete copper material is qualitative.
Carry a department
Use moderate of softness of entrance PVC leather belt.
Press stage ministry
1, the mesa that control a station uses stainless steel to be made, the surface bears fruit glossily;
2, cylinder can be pressed automatically up and down, baric size is adjustable, those who make pressure card is more perfect.
3, unilateral sets 8 people, bilateral set 12 people

[technical parameter]


ES-1500 (unilateral 8 people)

ES-2000 (bilateral 12 people)

Applicable paper quality:

This paper, corrugated box (box)

This paper, corrugated box (box)

Paper box speed: 180 meters / minute 150 meters / minute the wide cut that make a case: 1000*1500mm 1100*2000mm mechanical dimension: 14500*2500*1700mm 12500*3000*1700mm weight: 2T 3T place needs electric power: 7.5kw 8kw
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