Shanghai grand scene: Full automatic thickness is amphibious brief introduction
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[outstanding advantage]
1, adsorption of vacuum leather belt sends paper, reason is not had press paper annulus, because this paper surface is not had,stick dirty phenomenon;
2, use the most advanced three-in-one to divide powdery orgnaization, make paper unbleached emersion;
3, use sheet means of glue of attune of pressure of vector of second memory type, make approve ply of coating of the glue on the product to agree together, and greatly the bring down works
Intensity, province oil exceeds imagination;
4, use sheet ply of paper of second memory type adjusts means, assure to approve pressure of the glue on the product to agree together;
5, all adjustment all use knob type to adjust, turn with the hand button can achieve ideal result gently only, can achieve observation trends result;
6, all nose all are used enclosed shield, overall the discharge outside having oil, and person of safe protection handlers is safe;
7, all nose all set Control Panel, this face plate can is opposite this nose speed, pressure and relevant parameter undertake monitoring, below emergency, can undertake urgent stop, can undertake nodding moving when washing a machine, reflect human nature adequately to turn safe operation;
8, each glazing gasoline tank sets careful filter, make glazing effect more exceedingly good, and protect what platen makes to avoid in the round suffer accident harm;
9, use difference fast freely is pneumatic drawknife, make paper opposite extremelies why to stick dirty phenomenon, and protect platen in the round and prolong drawknife life;
10, change trains is carried use double guide adsorption of pieces of style is whole vacuum is taken, any paper all but accurate carry;
11, infrared ultraviolet ray uses lukewarm conveyer belt of Long Naigao of American iron fluorine, carry smooth safety and without noise;
12, carry net belt to use servo of the most advanced pneumatic of electronic cam + to dog correct organizes a system, ensure carry accurate and lengthen a net to lead service life;
13, all electric equipment and auxiliary original all use international well-known trademark, ensure ensure safety moves;
14, overall use software programme controll, occurence rate of bring down breakdown, raise security and operation sex.

[working flow]
Send paper automatically, electrostatic eliminate, adsorption of vacuum of cycle wool Lu divides pink, bath type Yu Fenqing is divided, the backset outside Yuan Gong is dry, go up bottom oil, outside Yuan Gong inside circular airing

[functional brief introduction]
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