Shanghai grand scene: Full automatic / TC-650 of the semi-automatic machine that
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Full automatic / the semi-automatic machine that stick a window

Brief introduction of the TC650 machine that stick a window:

This machine is my factory introduces international advanced technique, link the demand of product diversification, design staff through many major, a kind of of elaborate design new-style and special machine. The machine that stick a window is the carton opening a window that has cut the pattern, a plastic film is stuck in crosshatching place. This type by the place that take paper; Position position; Imprint glue place; Stick velar position; 5 large position form place receiving paper. Frame uses full board structure, wear well.

[main characteristic]

OK and ceaseless machine adjusts aborning paper around position, sizy around position, film controls the seat, thirdly person positional adjustment is very convenient and quick, changing when the product very simple, convenient, fast.

[main structure]

Take paper place

This machine is used (day is produced) the leather belt that take paper undertakes bottom takes paper, but ceaseless machine adds paper continuously; Discontinuous type leather belt is carried use frequency conversion control, can adjust according to paper accident discontinuous carry accident; Many carry leather belt to contain gear and rack device, can adjust the or so position of leather belt.

Imprint glue place

Use double a drive of roller of tall hardness canal is sizy, guan Gun is raised sit use prejudicial device, can adjust sizy thickness; Use flexible stencil imprints glue, stencil appearance can need to engrave according to the product make; The roller that installs stencil is engraved have datum line, installation stencil is accurate, convenient, quick; Imprint position of glue left and right sides can be adjusted, around position is adjusted use regulator is adjusted, but ceaseless machine is adjusted imprint the around of glue controls the seat. Match available press (homebred) .

Stick velar position

Use without extremely timing device, but the accident that ceaseless machine adjusts film; Use roller knife to reduce the accident that cuts film automatically; Give toothed clue of film from dynamic pressure; The mouth that automatic cent cuts film (be like face tissues box) ; Use inspiratory Guan Gun to suck film stick to carton. But ceaseless machine adjusts velar around to control the seat.

Accurate adjust a system
This system uses Japan to import fittings, but ceaseless machine is adjusted quickly paper and imprint glue around position.
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