Shanghai grand scene: Full automatic brief introduction of HK-1450 of machine of
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[main characteristic]
Paper width adjusts use tooth lever formula, adjust simple, economic adjustment time (optional match motor self-correcting) ;
Transmission system uses an entrance entirely high grade and synchronous belt, moving stability, suit high speed movement;
Conveyer belt uses entrance PVC material to pledge, wear well, ensure character is perfect;
The chain that push paper uses formula of entrance double platoon, moving stability, spin not easily;
Use transducer timing control, stability omits report, automatic timing;
Producible paperboard and paperboard check this machine billow of back up and paperboard and A, B, E, F and 5 joint of chipboard.

[main structure]

Fly amount to
Vacuum sucker pattern flies amount to system sending paper, but paper accurate in sending a machine, the operation is handy. Face paper piles paper height to be able to amount to 1.8 meters, it is good to pile paper wearing to be able to leave lot in ceaseless plane position circularly next face paper, make an operation more effective.

Copy paper sends paper leather belt
Full automatic change sizy and additional system, can diagnose compensatory losing automatically in joint process glue quantity, cooperate sizy loop to reclaim, avoid sizy loss waste; Can adjust controller of type glue thickness, differ according to joint paper requirement, can adjust rate of besmear cloth thickness; The special reticulation design on gelatinize rod reachs accurate and abrade treatment, make sizy Tu Bu thinner, evener, achieve economic glue to use up reach the problem that solves Tu Bu to swing glue.

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