Shanghai grand scene: High speed is full automatic brief introduction of ES-1050
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[main characteristic]
This machine is used strengthen light model unilateral drive structure, moving stability, safeguard simple;
This machine motor uses transducer control, automatic timing, stability omits report;
The operation uses double-faced tooth lever to adjust, go to the lavatory simply (optional match motor self-adjusting) ;
Give paper to use many to add thick leather belt to cooperate oscillatory motor, assure to give paper continuously, well and truly, automatically;
Deferent leather belt uses fluctuation advocate transmission, wear away in the job fall to lowest;
Offer on, canister issueing paste each two groups, the fluctuation that paper a canister uses self-correcting, the left and right sides uses tooth lever to adjust, the operation is handy, (optional distribute all sorts of gush glue systems) ;
Use man-machine and PLC to be diagnosed operating system, remotely maintain system and remote control operating system, deploy photoelectricity computation, but mensurable computation, of play device of paper, gush plan automatically, the function is more comprehensive;
Carry press a stage to use special data, adjust pressure through atmospheric pressure, provide sponge area, ensure the product is perfect without be short of;
Deploy high-power servo to control a system, ensure product quality;
This function is produced two fold, 4 fold tick off bottom and reach hexangular quadrilateral paperboard and pack a box to back up.

[main structure]

Give paper department 
Veneer operates an orgnaization: Successive and fast and handy, automatic give paper correctly.

Paper is amended implement

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