Warehouse door carton fire, "fried" injury roadside van
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Yesterday, 10:30, in the Yueyang area near the back door, came straight "bang bang bang," the suspected explosion. Many probes look and found smoke billowing downstairs. Before the firefighters arrived, people nearby with a fire extinguisher in a timely manner, the flame goes out. According to witnesses, the fire downstairs and residential building located in a small warehouse door. "Burn up a carton box which contained several cans of things." Passers-by said carton after burning up inside the jar, "burst" open, so the series of beeps. The edge of the people seeing this, grabbed the fire extinguisher came forward, 三下五除二, will give off flames. When firefighters arrived, fire had were destroyed. They said the burned area is small, but the original do or of the van parked in the warehouse was a calamity, not only blackened the front, was also "fried" a hole.