Aceh played head to steal cartons of modern version of "deceiving"
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Recently, a man in Qiqihar interpretation of a modern version of "deceiving", he knows the hotel have control, head cardboard boxes actually steal from local materials. November 23, Qiqihar City Branch of the Public Security Bureau Tiefeng dawn Street police station received a large area hotel managers report that said the same day at 3 o'clock in the hotel stolen. Police immediately rushed to the incident to the hotel, collect surveillance video showed 23 at 3 pm, a rectangular cardboard box head thief, from the broken windows of the hotel on the second floor window into the room, you went straight to the cashier on the second floor bar Taiwan burglary, cigarettes and several thousand dollars in stolen cash bar. Police identified through the thief's clothes the person is a staff of the hotel Sohn. Unfortunately, the Sun Mougang leave the hotel. Day 14, the police get clues to the Haidian Sunmou Area with relatives. Police rushed to Beijing, will Sunmou arrested and brought to justice, December 4 will be escorted back to Qi.