Litter bins on fire the driver while driving the car down to throw Jiaoren
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Yesterday 21:43 Xu, New Nanlunansha River Bridge near the litter bins, a car pulled through here, the car suddenly caught fire at the top. Cartons burned vehicle drivers worried, my partner threw down boxes on the handlebar fires. The scene, saw the Nansha River, 10 meters long road littered with cardboard boxes on fire, near the north side of the fire is built, the houses around the fire continued to spread all around the south point of the fire wire. Divided into two groups of firemen arrived at the scene were two fire started fighting for. According to police who said he and his buddy pulled a car sent for waste recycling litter bins, went to the Nansha River, the car suddenly caught fire on top of cardboard boxes, cartons are the vehicle he was afraid to lead the torch, then Let man to throw fire boxes to the road, he drove off. 20 minutes later, the fire was extinguished, there are still more than worried about the fire boxes left, hook with fire firefighters were cleaning up on the carton.