2011 China International Exhibition in Hangzhou, corrugated cardboard boxes suc
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Corrugated box industry festival - "Corrugated 2011 China International Exhibition" in the "super-carton industry association" has been successfully on the promotion, attracting more than 200 cardboard box factory, more than 90 vendors and associations to come to ten Consulting . In Association site, on the "2011 China International Corrugated," the huge background of advertising, fine posters, personalized invitations, and a huge display loop of previous exhibition China International Corrugated medium-sized scenarios and Reed API China region, attracting a large cardboard box industry professionals to the eye, come to consult the "2011 China International Corrugated" information an endless stream of people. According to organizers, Reed Exhibitions, said there Nantong Orient packaging General Cao Limited, Tianjin Yannan Packaging Stock Corporation Lee carton total of nearly 160 corporate executives, purchasing managers, technical staff obtain a copy of the On-Line Registration form and said they will come to visit the exhibition. Reporter taken Advisory visit to one of the exhibition information of the audience is, he said: "I started in 2001 to participate in organized by Reed Exhibitions China International Corrugated, which is the global corrugated industry event, through this platform, Corrugated box industry, we see the latest technology and trends. Recently, we received information on direct mail organizers, and from the network, the magazine also show details about the situation in 2011, when the time came to participate in certain Add this industry event. " Meanwhile, Reed Group also attend the Association's Committee of China Packaging Federation paper packaging, Packaging Technology Association, Zhejiang Province, the Beijing Association of Packaging Technology, Packaging Technology Association, Ningbo, Shanghai Packaging Paper Container Packaging Technology Association, the Association Committee and a number of leaders meet and interact, thanks to the Association's long-standing support for China Corrugated and collaboration. Association leaders said, "China International Corrugated Exhibition "is unique in that they recognized the corrugated industry exhibition brands, they have sent several delegations to participate in China International Corrugated, each benefit. This time they will, as always, support China International Corrugated, plot 2011 Member visits most of the show. Some members of the Association, also said at the China International Corrugated, they can see a lot of equipment on-site demonstrations and a complete range of power supplies provider, you can purchase the most needed Advanced equipment, supplies, but also listen to the speech industry renowned experts, visits to gain a lot. Reed Exhibitions at the information desk, come to consult the book "Corrugated 2011 China International Exhibition" is very much business booths, booths selling hot, almost no vacant booth, far beyond the expectations of the organizers. In order to meet Demand for the majority of suppliers of exhibitors, the organizers Reed Exhibitions, will work to coordinate booth matters. Organizers also launched various marketing channels, such as journal advertising, sponsorship bag, badge sponsorship, licensing legislation wide entrance corridor Report, the museum corridor between the banners and mobile phone text messages and so on. These channels or in the registration of visitors must pass through, much attention, or appear in every corner of the site, at all times, to be the best mobile advertising Can better improve the visibility of exhibitors to promote the brand. As sole sponsor of a number of promotional opportunities is that rushing to the scene of many enterprises have reservations. "Corrugated 2011 China International Exhibition" will be held April 6, 2011 ~ 9 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in full bloom. By then, nearly 50,000 square meters of display area and more than 10 independent corporate pavilions, hundreds of industry knowledge will be Were nearly 1,300 exhibitors in sets of corrugated display manufacturing equipment and 1000 a variety of related supplies, and jointly create a corrugated unprecedented event.