China introduced the newest Carton Network
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Carton network on China's first built in 2010, is a network of information technology, product development and sales, e-commerce as an integrated network of technology team, with its strong network of Chinese boxes of technical equipment, first-class enterprise Industry, and superb marketing tool, based on China for China, as China's major, medium and small cardboard boxes, carton machinery, carton equipment and related business enterprises with a full set of high-quality online advocacy program. China cardboard carton network is the national focus on promoting industries and enterprises together, just like a natural event, we are the exhibition organizers, exhibitors every business is different, this show can be 24 hours Uninterrupted online presence! Free buy, supply, investment, cooperation with the carton industry-related information. Board processing equipment: computerized, automatic high, medium and low-speed three, five, seven corrugated board production line, single-sided Corrugating, thin knife slitter, slitting machine, Cutting machine, then machine, etc.; carton processing printing equipment: computerized high-speed printing and die cutting machine, semi-automatic medium-speed printing slotting machine series, economy Printing Slotting Machine , Slot machines, cross-cutting machines, pre-printing machine, creasing machine, lamination machine, stick box machine, veneer machine, the box machine, binding machine, the end machines. Supplies accessories: knives, flat, roller, roller, cotton ribbons, connectors, Clutch, brake, pressure wire wheel, EQ and so on. Carton network has invested heavily in China in the major search engines on the Web site to promote a comprehensive, in Baidu, google, Yahoo, search dogs and other major search engine, enter: China carton network, carton network, carton machine Machinery, carton plant and other key words, the Chinese are among the top few boxes network. A carton, carton machinery, tools, corrugated board, accessories, and other enterprises to promote Excellent site. Our site has four major characteristics: 1 2 corporate members throughout the year to promote self-management Web site integrity 3 vip members home advertising 4 million per year carton supply and demand information network in China more than four VIP members enjoy. vip members can self-administer the site, independent Published supply, purchase information, provide technical support 24 hours a carton of Chinese culture is a web site: web promotion, to do things with value.