London dweller is inobservant litter reclaims policy will be fined
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British London city district council published Bulunte to enforce at the beginning of August reclaim policy -- green case reclaims plan, should reclaim the plan enclothed waste paper, glass, metal (like food outer packing and beverage canister) , plastic bottle. If London city the dweller of the area is in Bulunte at the beginning of August reclaim compulsively after policy is carried out, still did not reclaim the litter that pack, they may face the fine of 1000 pound. Committee of special zone of cloth human relations says about personnel, the expenses that the account that takes this action is carriage rubbish soars, and if still have more trash,was not filled to bury, this charge must pay by taxpayer.

A spokesman says local government: "Rubbish bury tax is annual growing with the speed of every tons of 8 pound. If we still do not take action, when year handles charge to exceed 7 million pound, this cost can raise every year again about 13% , namely about 700 thousand pound. " there is 40% to already used green case about in 80 thousand resident of this area at present. Government of the place end August still will begin a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers to did not use the dweller of green case about personnel, arouse they are taken an active part in in this activity. As we have learned, july, this committee reclaimed from inside environmental protection box every week 240 tons of rubbish, and the portion reclaimed to be 150 tons on average about every week in July 2007.