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In June 2008, presswork to be organized with transmission forum by the world " presswork with the environment " of forum hold, forum pressworks around China the green of the industry that pack can develop continuously spread out, in illuminate of different point of view " green pressworks " necessity and pressing sex. The Olympic Games was held in Beijing, green Olympic Games, humanitarian Olympic Games, this is Olympic Games spirit not only deliver, hope everybody can add a brick to add tile for green China more.

As pack presswork the industry is gotten army the Shanghai emperor of the enterprise is limited company of the service that pack is to devote oneself to this more, environmental protection, will energy-saving wait for environmental protection concept, permeate adequately before imprinting, imprint each link with the unifinication service medium, medium flow after imprinting.

Emperor is, one devotes oneself to to offer unifinication to pack presswork of the service professional company, undertake resource conformity through enterprise oneself advantage, exploit group effect and dimensions economy, for the brand the enterprise that pack brings tall sex the valence comparing, appreciation that answers quickly serves. Besides, emperor is is the important task that develops environmental protection concept as the enterprise more, in the light of pack presswork the environmental protection problem of the industry takes active and significant step.

In conformity, optimize supplier respect, emperor is mixed to be adjusted ceaselessly optimize industrial structure; Carry out strictly pair of suppliers and go up newly the environmental protection of the project is evaluated, raise supplier admittance threshold; Developing continuously while, act on the principle of enterprise of green China, green, eliminate producer form ceaselessly environment of backward, pollution serious, specific power consumption pressworks high manufacturing company, whole of further stimulative trade pressworks the apparent promotion of the many sided such as class of quality of technical level, product, economic benefits; In addition, emperor recommends the way that advanced equipment and photograph of own research and development tie international for support, build center of research and development, from go up at all reduce a tradition to presswork the harm that means causes to the environment.

Serving client field, emperor is established to be a client from beginning to end " green pressworks " concept, begin from every detail, undertake environmental protection is packed presswork. For example, the side chooses in paper, according to effective demand, preferential choose second birth paper, undertake so that,waste paper reclaims adequately managing the sources of energy; Pressworking in the process, preferential use environmental protection printing ink, reduce poisonous and harmful material to wait to environmental pollution. Those who be aimed at an enterprise is specific pack and presswork project, emperor offers proposal of a few environmental protection to also meet a client, make these indigenous industries and big company of a few international understand euqally adequately " green pressworks " concept.
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