Shan head, Wen Zhou and bead trigonometry is paratactic 3 pack greatly presswork
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The industrial dimensions of Shan head print, productivity expands continuously, total output value grows ceaselessly, presswork the technology is stood by quickly to international level, regional presswork industrial belt is being formed, emerge in large numbers gives a batch to have quite the mainstay business of dimensions and stronger competition ability. Current, presswork one of pillar industries that the industry regards an our city as, whole develops posture flourishing, become a new force of strong city of our city industry. Shan head also has decisive place like course of study in countrywide sound, already became 3 big news of countrywide to resemble producing the key area of base, become the news with complete the biggest province to resemble producing city. 22 sound are close like enterprise annual produce 1 billion yuan.

At present Shan head has classics country news to publish total arrange approval to have phonic resembling the sound of qualification of goods answer collection resembles 22 producing a business (among them read-only kind of CD 3, can record kind of CD 12, recording video tape 7) , obtain batch introduce CD product line 346, among them the CD of formal put into production produces manufacturer 9, product line 83. The product has VCD, DVD, CD-R, video tape, tape to wait, carry on nearly 200 countrywide sound resemble a product like the sound of electronic press. 22 sound of whole town exceed 1.5 billion yuan like total value of duplicate company fixed assets, year total production value is close 1 billion yuan. "Hold high special " , " Ao Lin " , " another name for Guangdong Province east magnetism report " before the whole nation of crop ascend body 2006 10. While the sound of Shan head is catching management, hurried to flourish like the enterprise, the attention guides whole tone to introduce new and high technology like manufacturing industry, with new and high technology, advanced production facilities is transformed, promote traditional industry, stimulative product changes.

Shan head or countrywide recording video tape produce base, 50% what recording kinescope goods produces per year a quantity to take countrywide product, in tide of Shan head city in relief area produces the education tape product of the unripe textbook of middle and primary school of form a complete set of 80% above of countrywide. Sound is swift and violent like answer collection course of study the development that development still drove whole tone to record the trade of form a complete set such as raw material of model, chemical industry, mould like outer packing box. Especially the box, bag that pack is in blank recording video tape and smooth dish outer packing not only domestic sales volume the first, and still sell as far as to middle east, Europe to enter American market. According to statistic, at present wet this world has blank recording video tape, smooth dish packs box factory 100, day produces product of phonic resembling material 130 tons, annual produce makes an appointment with 2 billion yuan.
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