Tea of Chinese Dragon Well tea packs ceremony box to obtain international metal
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Recently, in German Du Sai whole world of much husband INTER PACK packs grand meeting to go up, the grain in Hangzhou packs limited company to design production and choose tea of sent Dragon Well tea to pack ceremony box, be packed to organize by metal of extensive Europe international (APEAL) award international metal packed design innovation contest 2008 -- , category of sales promotion ceremony is second-class award.

China packs a box to obtain international metal to pack large award

China packs a box to obtain international metal to pack large award

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This is packed by in Lv Dekang designs stylist of the grain youth that pack, double dragon is contained by 4 on the structure the shallow strong small round can of careful anaglyph design is added foreign the composition that cover a case, material uses tin-plating tin entirely. The evaluation opinion that expert commissioner packs to this bear the palm is: "Elegance of of primitive simplicity designs a style exquisitely, luxuriant and grave rich coloring, reflected the class of tea culture and gift well, suit the gift package of gift and sales promotion very much. " this is China is chosen first send work to attend Europe metal of Gao Shuiping international packs a contest and bear the palm.

APEAL is mixed by distributinging Yu Deguo, England, France, Spain, Belgian, Holand, Norwegian, Slovak the company insider composition of the different country such as Saierweiya. The target that APEAL organizes is to begin extensive international communication and collaboration, system of the stimulative metal market that pack, technology, environment and the development that industrial economic benefits can last.

The selection of APEAL award with the product in the market run circumstance and the packing program that for its product place offers is a basis. Investigate through the consumer to 15 countries (Belgian, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, polish, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Holand, England and United States) , the opinion that joins jury expert singles out list of bear the palm. Award divide 4 kinds: Eat category, drink kind, category of sales promotion ceremony and general kind, promulgate 3 every years.