The executive green act that pack will decrease a platoon every year 120 thousan
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Use up the influence to the environment to reduce company natural resources, raise resource utilization rate, chinese shift was popularized recently energy-saving decrease a new move -- " green is packed " . This act can make China moves to decrease a platoon every year 120 thousand tons of carbon dioxide.

According to China mobile and relevant controller introduces, "Green is packed " be a kind but the content fluid of repeated usage is, include to pack, content shedding, loop is used wait for important segment, aim to reduce conventional device use
Be defeated by means to be opposite a large number of use of wooden case. In the meantime, build the general, efficient, managing carry that pack to be defeated by a standard, can repeat what assure to pack use. "Green is packed " adopt can spell the have enough to meet need of outfit to wear, emphasize be being packed moderately, defend moderately and pack the repeated usage of material, the concept of loop of material second birth that breaks through a tradition, have the material environmental protection, kind that pack the concise, standard that pack unified, flow is efficient wait for a characteristic.

It is reported, the communication product that according to China shift purchases one year packs quantity statistic, promotion " green is packed " will make its reduce lumber every year to use up 57 thousand stere, be equivalent to little disafforest 670 hectare. Calculate make clear, if the whole world is mobile,operation business is used " green is packed " managing plan, use up economic lumber every year 640 thousand stere, be equivalent to little disafforest 7500 hectare.