Our country corrugated box develops prices and layout analysis
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As the world centre of gravity of treatment manufacturing industry is transferred to China, chinese paper packs an industry especially the development pace of corrugated box industry is accelerated. The corrugated fibreboard product line that at present China has 5 above many 1200, import high speed product line to cross 100 among them. Domestic scale of production is in 100 thousand tons / year the corrugated fibreboard of above (box) manufacturing company many 20, industry of paper of article of manage of Guan of its middle east is produced at the beginning of 2005 can achieve 1 million tons.

According to statistic, 2004, china is produced or the paper box gross of shipment is 53.03 billion square metre, among them corrugated box crop achieves sixteen billion five hundred and thirty-seven million square metre, in 2005-2008 year a consumption that will realize year of 20 billion square metre.

Do not have friendly intercourse to look on the whole, competition of industry of Chinese paper box is intense, produce can serious superfluous, manufacturing company amounts to many 50 thousand. But in " concentration is made board, make case dispersedly " below mode, the production of Chinese corrugated fibreboard basically focuses Yu Dazhong company, the market share that company of production of box of many 50 thousand small paper owns is skimpy 40% .

Current, production of course of study of Chinese paper case already formed 3 large base stage by stage: China north area includes province of city of Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei, Shandong province, year always produce ability to be 3 million tons; Delta of the Yangtse River includes Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province, Shanghai and the Anhui province, year always produce ability to be 3 million tons; Area of Pearl River delta includes city of Guangdong province, Shenzhen and Fujian Province, year always produce ability to be 350 ~ 4 million tons. The corrugated box enterprise of this 3 large area, no matter be on quality of enterprise dimensions, productivity, product or manufacturing benefit, rank front row of course of study of countrywide person of the same trade.

Regard Pearl River as the delegate of delta, guangdong province is the area with the most mature development of industry of Chinese corrugated box. Guangdong is the trade center of the area austral Chinese China, its are convenient the turnout such as food, cold storage and milkings, home appliance and electronic product is massive, have very large latent capacity to the demand of corrugated box. Additional, the huge demand of Hong Kong market also is affecting Guangdong area. The number makes clear, at present Guangdong province occupies complete province to produce the 30 % of amount for the paper box of Hong Kong. The advanced equipment of business of box of Guangdong province paper had quality of dimensions of rate, industry, product and production value benefit to surmount the whole nation other province city. Guangdong has product line of high level corrugated fibreboard many 300, nearly 1/3 what take the throughout the country; Look from industry dimensions, guangdong has paper box plant at present many 5000, sale crosses the 100 million yuan enterprise that pack to amount to a few, hong Kong and the enterprise that the foreign trader invests are in Guangdong area also is centered most.
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