The paper box cost that pack rises Chongqing enterprise introduces new facility
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Outside facing, ground paper box packs the cold current that the factory breaks down in succession, box of 55 paper inside Chongqing city packs an enterprise must collective plans countermove urgently.

The Chongqing that held on July 31 packs communication of industry new technology to be able to go up, chongqing city packs secretary-general of Zou of branch of container of technical association paper to say: "The foreign capital enterprise of Shandong, Zhejiang is removed not less endowment, and other places of Dalian, lukewarm city supplies supply paper box factory to on 1000 closed for its! " " Dalian has 225 enterprises to had closed, and in Wen Zhou, many 2000 presswork the factory that pack can'ts bear cost soaring, a lot of factories sold new machine, suffer fall into disuse. " Zou secretary-general says, wait for Chongqing of the change inside the industry as a large number of coastal dress, mechanical, toy, good luck is for the packing enterprise that originally downstream to leaning manufacturer has a meal, but the factory of a lot of this locality that pack dare not receive order however now.

Chongqing this locality packs company manager to say, he just received the last ten-day of a month in July Dongguan one inside the phone of factory of change leather shoes, the requirement offers box of 300 thousand shoes to pack, but dare not accept the order however, "Rise because of raw material cost too fast, our manufacturing cost is even higher than factory of coastal paper box 5%~10% , the price that the other side raises dare agree far from, have loss only otherwise a road " .

Chongqing city packs guild to disclose about chief, can introduce the new-style device of factory of coastal paper box as soon as possible only now, in order to improve efficiency.

It is reported, chongqing city part is at present large the new-style numerical control that factory of wrapping paper box already prepared to introduce the foreland such as Qingdao, Dalian packages facility, calculate come down to produce can can rise 30% , can settle a pressing need temporarily.